BYU’s Wind Energy Club focuses on a legacy of success and service


BYU’s Wind Energy Club focuses on building a culture of success as they prepare for the collegiate wind competition next year, where they hope to create the most efficient wind turbine.

Club members are researching, building prototypes and solving the logistical aspects of the project as they get ready for the upcoming event next May.

BYU has been a finalist in the competition for the past four years.

“We’ve been going for four years and we have been bringing a powerful team and a powerful turbine and a powerful presentation with us,” creative connections team lead Hannah Fariaz said.

Fariaz explained that winning the competition is not as important as the legacy they hope to leave behind.

“More than winning a competition we want to be able to create a continuing culture of success at BYU. This will be a club and capstone team that continues throughout the years,” Fariaz said.

Wind Energy Club president Hunter Pitchford said establishing a foundation of success for future students to build on is vital.

“We want to leave next years team with all of the documentation and the tradition and the knowledge that they need to continue that upward trajectory towards the top,” Pitchford said.

The BYU Wind Energy Club also hopes to leave a legacy of service through their community outreach program focused on educating young children.

Each week, the students prepare different demonstrations at their club meetings before visiting elementary schools throughout the semester.

“We have an incredible team this year and we have a lot of club members so we’ve been able to be doing a lot of different outreach things and learning a lot together and that’s been the coolest part,” Faraiz said.

BYU’s Wind Energy Club hopes to establish a culture of success and service as they continue to expand the program in the upcoming years.

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