BYU Clubs and organizations host a variety of on-campus events for Halloween


BYU students participated in multiple on-campus Halloween-themed events during their free time on campus this year.

Clubs such as the BYU Plant Based Club, BYU Moms Club and others gathered on campus to pass out candy and advertise their clubs and services. Clubs were gathered from noon to 2 p.m. in Brigham Square, located between the Harold B. Lee Library and the Wilkinson Student Center.

Neighboring the BYU clubs were Harry Potter-themed tents, where the Student Connection and Leadership Center gave out Harry Potter-themed snacks and raffle tickets to win themed prizes.

Inside the Wilkinson Center, more clubs advertised their services. The newly named Office for Career and Experiential Learning gave a themed “haunted tour” in room 1134. Students were guided through various decorated rooms with videos explaining career and office resources. Students and staff who hosted the tours were dressed in various costumes. At the end of the tour, students were offered pie.

“We help with careers, resumes and mock job interviews,” Zach Collier, head of marketing for the Office for Career and Experiential Learning, said. “This is our Halloween-themed take on career night.”

The BYU Kennedy Center hosted an international trunk-or-treat from 1-4 p.m., where students packed origami paper trunks with candy from all around the world. Students were allowed five pieces of candy from different regions around the world.

Students and staff were dressed in Halloween costumes on campus, with many looking forward to plans for the evening outside of school. Meredith Williams, a senior studying interdisciplinary humanities, decorated lifelike Coraline dolls with her friend on campus to celebrate Halloween and plans to attend another off-campus Halloween party in the evening.

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