BYU Career Services works to prepare students for life after graduation


The Wilkinson Student Center on the BYU campus is a hub of opportunity. Among the offices housed in the building is BYU’s Careers and Experiential Learning, which helps students of all grades prepare for life after graduation.

Career Studio employee Levi J. said he has enjoyed working at the studio and helping students develop skills that will prepare them to enter the workforce.

“It’s just a great resource for students who wanna work on their resume, their cover letter, going over mock interviews or just having more professional development through LinkedIn or Handshake,” he said.

The Career Studio is not the only service available at the office. Students can also meet with career directors — experts in their industry who work with students and employers to find the best fit.

Career Studio Director Justin Jones said students can meet with their career director throughout their time at BYU.

“A career director is really a great person to have in your arsenal for going out and being able to start your career,” Jones said.

The experiential learning and internship side of the office focuses on creating opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. Experiential learning helps prepare students for a career in their field and teaches them about different options available for their degree.

“For those who do decide, ‘I don’t necessarily want to do my major,’ we have online resources,” Jones said. “One of them is ‘What can I do with this major?‘ It’s a great resource that actually outlines other things that you can do with your engineering or your dance or your writing or English lit degree.”

Jones says employers look for students who have diverse educations and are ready to continue learning in the workforce, and career services can help students prepare for that.

“Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, you are all welcome here,” Jones said. “The sooner you start looking into some of these, the easier it is going to be to make those decisions in selecting your career and getting your foot in the door with employers.”

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