BYU graduate is the youngest current member of Utah House of Representatives

Tyler and Leah Clancy stand together in the Utah State Capitol building. BYU graduate Tyler Clancy was elected to serve on the Utah House of Representatives. (Lisa Clancy)

BYU graduate Tyler Clancy is the youngest member currently serving in the Utah House of Representatives as of Jan. 15.

Clancy was sworn in at the General Session of the Utah House of Representatives on Tuesday, Jan. 17. Clancy represents the residents of Provo District 60. Of the population of District 60, 64% is between the ages of 18 and 24.

“I want to make sure that Utah has a great sustainable future,” Clancy said. “Being someone who’s young and trying to be a positive change agent will show a lot of my younger friends that you can do it.”

Tyler Clancy represents District 60, shown in this map. Clancy is the youngest current representative of the Utah House of Representatives. (Utah State Legislature)

Early life and college career

Rep. Tyler Clancy speaking about the importance of running for local office. He encourages those who want to make a difference to learn what they can about the offices and positions where decisions that you care about are made.

Lisa Clancy, Tyler Clancy’s mother, said that Tyler was an “early learner,” who loved to read books. “He always wants to know about things, so he’ll read up about stuff.” Lisa and her husband Matthew Clancy often talked about local politics at the dinner table with their sons, Tyler and Connor. Matthew, who passed away in 2020, was chief of police in their hometown of Beaufort, South Carolina throughout Tyler’s life.

“I think it was about middle school that the fire really started to burn,” Lisa Clancy said. “He started realizing the power of his voice and the power of being involved.” Tyler Clancy’s determination served him well as he continued through high school and into college. He was voted in as captain of the BYU Lacrosse team in 2020 and graduated with a degree in family studies.

Tyler Clancy became involved with his community while he was still in college. He became the executive director of the Pioneer Park Coalition, working to address homelessness, poverty and public safety in Utah. During his time with the coalition, he traveled to Capitol Hill to advocate for bills that would help their cause.

In May of 2022, Tyler Clancy joined the Provo City Police Department, following in his father’s footsteps. “I love it,” Tyler said. “I think it really helps me learn about the diversity of Provo.”

Tyler and Leah Clancy posing in front of a police cruiser. Officer Clancy will be on a
leave of absense while he is serving in the House of Representatives. (Courtesy of Connor Clancy)

Tyler Clancy’s wife, Leah Clancy, said that her husband “hasn’t always wanted to be a politician, but he has always wanted to make a difference.” Leah and Tyler Clancy met in the summer of 2019. While they did not get married right away, Leah said that they took the time to grow close as friends. They were married in September of 2022.

The path to the House of Representatives

On Nov. 8, 2022, Rep. Adam Robertson was reelected for a two-year term to represent House District 60 after running unopposed for the position. On Dec. 21, 2022, the Utah County Republican Party announced that they had received his resignation.

Rep. Robertson released a statement the same day, explaining his decision to dedicate his “full attention and time” to his company, Fortem Technologies.

Tyler Clancy saw that there was an opportunity within days of Rep. Robertson’s statement. “Tyler checks that kind of stuff all the time,” Lisa Clancy said. “He’s always got his pulse on what’s going on in Provo.” Tyler called his mother the day after Christmas and told her that he wanted to go for it.

The party convened to hold a special election on Jan. 14. Tyler Clancy went up against four other opponents, each of whom were willing to represent House District 60 at the capitol. After two rounds of voting, Tyler Clancy came out victorious. “He really gave it his all,” Lisa Clancy said. “It’s an honor, it’s a joy and a privilege to be able to see him live out his dreams.”

Interim Police Chief Troy Beebe released a statement from the police department congratulating Officer Clancy for winning the special election. “We seek to hire those who are of good moral character, honest, trustworthy, service-oriented, compassionate, hard-working and dependable. We congratulate Officer Clancy for winning the special election for the Utah House Seat.”

Tyler Clancy is still an officer for the Provo Police Department but is on leave of absence for the duration of the session.

Leah Clancy said that Tyler Clancy’s victory was not based on luck. Tyler reached out to friends, mentors and others in the political world that he had met since leaving high school. When Tyler heard that Rep. Robertson was resigning, Tyler called his contacts, who were “more than willing to help out.”

Leah Clancy said that she and her husband have “learned to expect the unexpected” and how to adjust to changing circumstances. Tyler Clancy’s new position will keep him busy for the next month and a half as he works with other representatives to vote on bills and strengthen the state of Utah. “I’m excited for what’s to come,” Leah said.

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