Utah schools discuss on-campus representation of Indigenous peoples

After a resolution urging Utah schools to retire Native American mascots failed in the recent Legislative Session, discussions about inclusivity on Utah campuses continue.
Preston Crawley

Utah to lift mask mandate, offer vaccines to all adults

Utah will join a handful of states next month as it lifts its statewide mask mandate on April 10.

Utah House passes bill for 125th Commemorative Utah flag, state flag...

Utah House passes bill to create a state flag task force to undertake a redesigning of the state flag. A flag design by Jonathan Martin was designated as the official commemorative flag for Utah's 125th anniversary of statehood.

Bill to ban transgender athletes in women’s sports stalls in Utah...

A bill that would have banned transgender students from playing in sports with cisgender teammates has now stalled in the Utah legislature, unlikely to move forward as the session comes to a close.

Potential minimum wage increases could ‘kill’ Utah small businesses

Federal and local legislatures are proposing minimum wage increases. Small businesses believe that increasing minimum wage will hurt their businesses and the economy, especially after the pandemic.

Bill regarding transgender healthcare fails to pass committee

A bill that would have made amendments to Utah's current laws surrounding the healthcare of transgender youth failed to pass a Utah House committee.