Utah faith leaders call upon legislature to protect the Great Salt...

Utah religious leaders gathered for a news conference at the capitol Thursday morning in an effort to urge Utah lawmakers to restore the Great Salt Lake's ecological health.

Proposed legislation revises requirements for clergy reporting on child abuse

Three bills advocating for change to the Utah clergy child abuse reporting requirements are currently making their way through this year's legislative session.

Bill to regulate social media for minors draws support and criticism...

Senate Bill 152 was presented before the Senate Business and Labor Committee on Jan. 31, gathering both positive and negative responses.

Bill to allow health care providers to seek mental health help...

House Bill 78, informally known as Scott’s Bill, passed onto the Senate on Thursday, Jan. 26.

BYU graduate is the youngest current member of Utah House of...

BYU graduate Tyler Clancy was elected to serve on the Utah House of Representatives on Jan. 15 as the youngest representative currently serving.
Madison Selcho

Delta partners with Salt Lake City Airport until 2044, helps fund...

Delta Airlines signed a deal to extend their contract with the Salt Lake City International Airport until 2044.