Grappling with governing: Rep. Chris Stewart’s support of Trump

The violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6 has pushed away some of Donald Trump's most avid supporters, including Utah Rep. Chris Stewart.
John Minchillo

Grappling with governing: BYU students react to Capitol Hill chaos

BYU students reflected on Wednesday's Capitol Hill protest, considering President Trump's role and expressing hope for future peace and unity.

Grappling with governing: Rep. Blake Moore supports both Trump and electoral...

Rep. Blake Moore of Utah's First District was sworn into Congress just days before Capitol Hill was breached.

Grappling with governing: Rep. Burgess Owens positive Trump won election

Newly-elected Rep. Burgess Owens opposed the Electoral College vote from Pennsylvania and has consistently sided with Donald Trump's claims that he won the presidential election.

Grappling with governing: What’s next for America, GOP after Capitol breach?

What caused the riots at the Capitol on Jan. 6? And where do American politics go next? At the center of these questions is President Donald Trump, claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Romney heckled in airport in another show of GOP divisions

Supporters of President Donald Trump heckled Republican U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah in an airport, illustrating divisions in the Republican Party between Trump loyalists and those ready to accept the results of the presidential election.