President and Sister Worthen emphasize deliberate listening, applying prophetic promises

President and Sister Worthen shared messages of listening to the Lord the promises He makes for His children. (Universe Youtube)

President Kevin J Worthen and Sister Peggy Worthen encouraged students to be “deliberate listeners” to the Lord and apply prophetic promises in their devotional address on Jan. 10.

Sister Worthen described a time she experienced Logokophosis, which is a medical condition that inhibits one from comprehending spoken language. She recounted interviewing for a job when she suddenly realized she had no idea what her interviewer was saying to her.

“My bout of Logokophosis was not brought on by any physical malady, rather, it was self-inflicted,” Sister Worthen said. “I allowed myself to turn a deaf ear to the valuable words that were being spoken to me in that interview.”

She continued by relating Logokophosis to the gospel, saying individuals need to overcome spiritual Logokophosis just as Alma did in the scriptures. Sister Worthen said this is essential in order to succeed in any aspect of one’s life and to become better disciples of Jesus Christ.

“We need not ask whether God is speaking to us. He always is,” Sister Worthen said. “We just need to be better and more deliberate listeners.”

Following his wife, President Worthen invited students to “tap into the power of promises.” He says promises creates a sense of trust, either within one’s self or with others. While self-promises are a way to assess and improve one’s life, promises made with God are more certain, he says. The power of God’s promises are reliable and include action that will be taken and fulfilled.

These promises from God can be found in the scriptures, sacred temple ordinances and through the living prophets, President Worthen said. He placed emphasis on the words “I promise,” recalling back to President Russell M. Nelson’s April 2020 General Conference talk in which he promises blessings, miracles and joy.

President Worthen continued by recounting the 17 prophetic promises Present Nelson has made in General Conference over the course of his presidency. “Let me suggest that deep study and application of these 17 prophetic promises will provide the direction, peace, strength and increased faith you will need to face your challenges during this coming year — and beyond,” President Worthen said.

Some of the blessings President Worthen included from prophetic promises are increased faith, decreased fear, joy amidst uncertainty, greater courage and many more. He said individuals can be blessed in “remarkable ways” so long as they initiate action on the promises that are given to them.

Although promises made to God will occur, President Worthen says they operate in conjunction with eternal laws. “We therefore have to do our part to receive the blessings of His promises,” he said.

These “prerequisites,” as President Worthen stated, allow individuals to receive the fullness of these promises in numerous ways. He said they work in accordance with other blessings, therefore one can receive numerous promises from a single prerequisite. Some of these prerequisites include prayerful study of the Book of Mormon, increased time in temple and family history work and increased desire and ability to obey the laws of God. President Worthen also said these prophetic promises ensure one’s capability to recognize and benefit from miracles.

“Just as one prerequisite can give rise to several different promised blessings, there are several kinds of promised blessings that result from more than one prerequisite activity,” President Worthen said.

Individuals should not be discouraged by the thought of having to fulfill a certain prerequisite, President Worthen says. He said, “Compliance with any one of these particular prerequisites is enough to bring forth the promised blessing.”

President Worthen concluded his address by promising the students that if they study and apply prophetic promises in their lives, they will be able to face challenges and uncertainty with an enhanced ability to do so.

“Your life will be more joyful and productive, and you will advance on the covenant path that will lead you to exaltation and a fullness of joy,” President Worthen said.

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