Voices of Courage campaign stands against all forms of abuse


BYU Women’s Services and Resources and the Title IX Office are hosting their Voices of Courage campaign this week. The campaign is aimed at standing up against all forms of abuse.

“The biggest goal of the campaign is to help other people know how to deal with abuse and help their friends who may have been abused,” campaign specialist Ben Byers said.

Each day of the week the offices put on an event focused on raising awareness and educating BYU students about abuse and the resources available on campus.

“Every single person knows somebody who’s been abused emotionally by a partner, or physically, or abused sexually. We all know somebody,” Byers said.

On Tuesday, the campaign set up a booth in the Wilkinson Student Center where students could pledge to do their part in beings advocates for people who have experienced abuse. Students passing by wrote down their names and what they would specifically do to make a difference.

“I think it’s really important especially on our campus for BYU students because sex is something we don’t really talk about and involved in sex is sadly violence and different forms of abuse. So I think it’s really important to spread awareness,” event specialist for Women’s Services and Resources Azsa Stephens said.

According to the campaign, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be abused in their lifetime.

“I think it is really important so they can understand that there are resources for them and that they’re not alone if this does happen,” Stephens said.

The week long campaign also features an awareness gallery, a panel discussion and a workshop for students to learn more about how to make a difference and what help is available on campus.

“I personally was a victim of sexual assault so that’s part of what makes me passionate abut this campaign is that I know we’re making a difference to change that stigma,” Byers said.

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