Police Beat: Nov. 28-Dec. 4




Nov. 27 – Suspect Brad Hutchison was arrested for merchandise theft (primarily clothing) from the BYU Bookstore.

Nov. 30 – A package was mistakenly reported stolen but was found at Wymount Terrace.

Dec. 1 – Parts were stolen from an automobile parked at Heritage Halls.

Dec. 1 – A bicycle was reported stolen and the cable lock cut at a bike rack near the Clyde building.

Sexual Assault

Nov. 29 – A female student reported being sexually assaulted in her dorm room at Heritage Halls by a male visitor she met on social media.


Nov. 30 – Two individuals were arrested for marijuana possession in the Y Mountain trailhead parking lot.



Nov. 28 – A male suspect was reported for claiming he had a gun and demanding money at the Chevron gas station at 889 W. Center Street. The suspect was brought into custody at the scene.

Dec. 1 – A group of males were reported for assaulting a man and stealing electronics from him at his home near 100 West and 3300 North. The male suspects were invited over to smoke THC prior to the robbery.


Nov. 28 – Property theft was reported near 1500 South on University Avenue.

Nov. 30 – Property theft was reported near 100 South and 300 West.

Nov. 30 – Property theft was reported at a residence near 500 South and 2280 West.

Dec. 1 – A bicycle was reported stolen near 1500 North on University Avenue.

Dec. 1 – Property theft was reported near 100 North and 600 West.

Dec. 2 – Property theft was reported near 300 North on Freedom Boulevard.

Dec. 4 – Property theft was reported near 500 North on University Avenue.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Dec. 1 – A motorcycle was reported stolen from a residence near 1400 North and 1400 West.

Dec. 2 – A vehicle left running at the Boulders was reported stolen. The vehicle owner’s phone was in the car, which he was able to track. Police are searching for the suspect based on photos from the parking structure where the vehicle was found.

Dec. 3 – A vehicle was reported stolen near 1000 East and 1060 South.

Sexual Assault

Dec. 3 – Forcible sexual abuse was reported near 700 West and 1720 North.

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