Qualtrics Plans to Double in Size


Provo-based company Qualtrics plans to more than double in space in its Provo location to 355,000 square feet and add 1,000 employees.

“With the rate the company is growing, I think this expansion project is a good shot at just continuing to foster the growth of the company,” said Qualtrics employee Jacob Ely.

Qualtrics is a survey software company that offers software to help businesses enhance their performance.

“Qualtrics is just a software that essentially helps businesses and universities to understand why things are happening in their organizations the way they are to get firsthand data and to interpret that data so they can make decisions,” said Ely.

People in the business industry are not surprised to see the company’s growth because of the information they can provide to help other companies have success.

“Companies like Qualtrics really rise to the top because they are being able to provide to a company information that can make that company successful,” said business person Claire Dieterle.

Just over a year ago, Qualtrics was acquired by German tech giant SAP for $8 billion.

“The acquisition by SAP has opened up a lot of doors, it’s opened up a lot of expansion, opportunity for growth and so Qualtrics has opportunities like never before,” said Jacob Ely.

Companies need data and Qualtrics can help provide that.

“Data is the clincher now in society. For a company to be successful, they have to have data, analyze it and know what to do with it,” said Claire Dieterle.

Qualtrics sponsors various companies and universities throughout Utah, including the Utah Jazz and BYU. They also sponsor the very popular half-court shot at BYU basketball home games.

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