Snow safety tips


Snow is fun to play in but can serious injuries if precautions are not taken. Local businesses like Provo Snow Removal explain why snow can be deceiving.

“During the day, it melts and it is basically just water at the bottom with snow on top. Then when it freezes, that’s just ice. You may just see the snow, but once you step on it, you slip,” Franco Maro said. 

The Utah Department of Health says falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for older Utahns. About 200 Utahns aged 65 and older are hospitalized from falling and three of those 200 people die from those falls. 

To avoid falling and slipping on icy side walks, preventative measures like shoveling snow off side walks and wearing proper footwear can help.

For preventative measures, make sure you salt your side walks and stairs before a snow storm.

When driving on the road, make sure you slow down. Utah highway patrol says 270 crashes happened last Wednesday from icy conditions. 

UHP says it’s important to avoid driving, and if you have to, make sure you give yourself time to react to avoid crashing into others. 

They also say if you get into an accident and your car is drivable, move it off the highway and stay in your car. 

Provo Snow Removal gives some pointers when driving in snowy conditions. 

“Do not break when you are switching lanes. And the worst circumstance is when you know you are going to hit the car in front of you. Try to just hit the curb and not the car,” Maro stated.

Tomorrow we will be expecting snow, so don’t forget to salt your sidewalks.

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