Young performing missionaries to hold informative fireside for those wanting to share gospel onstage

Young performing missionaries sing about the restoration and its importance. (Young Performing Missionary).

Young performing missionaries volunteer to serve in Nauvoo where they share the gospel through performance. There will be an informational fireside on Oct. 13 for those who want to perform with the group next summer.

Young performing missionaries focus on teaching the restoration with an emphasis on performing through dancing and singing. The program directors, Elder Dennis Crockett and Sister Teri Crockett, are looking for BYU students to join this musical and spiritual experience — whether on stage or through technological contribution.

“Inviting people to come to Christ through music is a long and favored tradition,” Elder Crockett said. “These young performing missionaries work really hard. It isn’t a traditional mission, and it’s all done in about four months in summer.”

Missionaries who receive the calling will get to participate as dancers in the Nauvoo Pageant and in their own theatrical productions throughout a variety of shows. They will also have opportunities to perform at some of the church history sites.

“One of the more moving experiences is called ‘Trail of Hope,'” Elder Crockett said. “These great missionaries portray the pioneers of Nauvoo and their experiences in the original words. It’s powerful.”

Kaeli Dance, who served as a young performing missionary last year, shared her experience and some of the miracles she encountered performing over the summer.

“There were people who came who didn’t feel that they were the best singer or best dancer, ” Dance said, “but whether or not you can carry a tune, it is more about the Lord needing you and your personality.”

Sister Crockett expressed gratitude for any who are willing to audition and for her and her husband’s opportunity to help the new missionaries.

“The Lord knows who he needs in this program,” Sister Crockett said. “We are trying to spread this word so that people will want to be part of this wonderful experience. We want people to feel excited to perform.”

The informational fireside will be held on Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. in the HFAC Nelke Theater on campus.

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