Tech Club builds pipeline for BYU students


The BYU Tech Club helps students from the recruiting process to hiring, allowing them to land highly competitive jobs and internships in the tech industry.

BYU Tech Club president Nathan Allen explained the mission of the Tech Club is to “expose students to opportunities and land them in the types of jobs that Harvard kids want.”

2019 BYU Tech Club President Nathan Allen gave a VBA training for the Tech Club. (BYU Tech Club)

Some of the opportunities available to Tech Club members include trainings, such as VBA and SLQ trainings, information sessions and campus visits from big companies like Google, LinkedIn and Amazon.

Allen interned last summer in San Francisco at Intuit as a financial analyst on the strategic planning team.

“I was doing work that actually made an impact on the company,” he said.

Allen said the opportunities he received as a member of the Tech Club are opportunities he wouldn’t have received otherwise.

“We are given constant exposure to job applications, companies, and industries that aren’t regularly advertised here at BYU, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.,” Allen said.

The Tech Club has already seen a lot of success, according to former Vice President Ella Rae Madsen.

Former BYU Tech Club Vice President Ella Madsen received a full-time offer in Tech Sales at LinkedIn. (BYUTechClub Instagram)

Madsen landed an internship at LinkedIn as a human resources intern during summer 2017 because of her involvement in the Tech Club.

She recently accepted a full-time position in tech sales at LinkedIn for the upcoming summer. Madsen expressed her gratitude for the club and the opportunities it allowed her.

“Getting to BYU, I never felt that same sense of community I felt in high school until I found the Tech Club,” Madsen said. “I was able to build deeper relationships by working with them over a consistent amount of time.”

Former Tech Club President Genesis Hinckley landed an internship at Google in summer 2018 and received a full-time position at Google as the associate account strategist to start in July 2019.

Former Tech Club President Genesis Hinckley received a full-time job offer at Google. (BYU Tech Club)

Hinckley was introduced to Global Product Lead at Google and former BYU student Matt Walter through the Tech Club. Walter served as a mentor, according to Hinckley, and helped prepare her for interviews with Google.

“If it weren’t for the Tech Club, I wouldn’t have been introduced to Matt Walter,” Hinckley said. “I did a bunch of mock interviews with him leading up to my interview with Google. He helped coach me through the entire interview process. ”

Hinckley expressed her appreciation for the Tech Club not only for her job at Google but for all of her connections.

Madsen expressed the importance of networking and students getting to know as many people as they can.

“Relationships matter,” Madsen said. “One thing that I did to stand out was build relationships with as many people as I could.”

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