Police Beat: March 8-14










March 9 – A male student reported a bicycle taken from the bike racks of the Tanner Building. The bicycle is valued at $200.

March 10 – A female visitor reported a bag taken during Dancesport Championships at the Marriott Center. The bag contained miscellaneous items of an unknown value.

March 12 – A female student reported a wallet taken from a bench in the hallway of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower. A credit card from the wallet was used later that day to make unauthorized purchases.

March 13 – An officer responded to a delayed report of a bicycle theft from the bike racks of the Tanner Building. The bicycle is valued at $50.


March 13 – Officers responded to a report of a possible odor of marijuana near Heritage Halls.


March 9 – A female student reported an implied threat from a male student at the Crabtree Building.


March 9 – A male visitor was found in a computer lab of the Harris Fine Arts Center after hours. He was warned and escorted out of the building.


March 10 – A female student reported being stalked and harassed by a male student, the female student’s former friend.

Orem/Provo Area


March 12 – A man was arrested for stealing donuts, tools and lip balm at Ridley’s and for being in possession of heroin.

March 12 – A couple were cited after they were caught shoplifting at Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outdoor Surplus Store.


March 12 – A man and a woman were cited and their marijuana was confiscated after they were found hotboxing at Geneva Park.

Drugs and fraud

March 12 – Three people were arrested after police found meth, heroin, marijuana, 33 stolen IDs, 37 stolen credit cards and tools to make fraudulent cards in the three people’s Orem hotel room.

Reckless Driving

March 12 – Police pulled over a woman in a truck for swerving, but police said she wasn’t impaired, she was only looking for her dropped teeth. She was arrested after police found two arrest warrants for the woman.


March 12 – A man was arrested for his involvement in an accident at 700 E. 800 S. in Orem and for impairment strong enough he couldn’t attempt a sobriety test. Police said charges have been made.

March 12 – The driver of a swerving vehicle was arrested for DUI after they blew .270 percent on the breathalizer test, over five times the legal limit.


March 12 – A man reported he was being blackmailed by a woman who had recorded his end of a suggestive video chat and told him she would release the video if he didn’t pay her.

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