Police Beat: March 3-7










March 5 – An individual reported a lost BYU signature card was used to make unauthorized vending purchases.

March 6 – An individual reported a missing DVD player from the Richards Building.

March 6 – An individual reported an unsecured laptop taken from the restroom of the Jesse Knight Building, but custodial located the laptop a couple hours later.  

March 6 – An individual reported a box of copper fixings missing from a job site in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower.


March 7 – An individual reported receiving a threatening e-mail from a disgruntled individual.

Orem/Provo Area


March 5 – Police stopped a man for shoplifting at the Orem Walmart and found paraphernalia, cocaine, meth and pills in his possession.

March 5 – A couple was reported to have stolen $1,500 worth of goods at Target after their card was declined. Police are checking surveillance photos to identify the suspects.

March 5 – Two men were cited after they were caught shoplifting at Al’s Sporting Goods.

March 6 – A woman was confronted for attempting to steal gel pens in her purse at the Orem Hobby Lobby. The woman dropped her purse, said the purse wasn’t hers, and left the store. Police found property in the purse matching the description of the woman that had dropped the purse. Police are checking video surveillance and said they have the woman’s purse if she would like it back.  

March 6 – A man was cited after he was caught shoplifting at Target.


March 5 – Police reported two homes burglarized near 900 West Center Street in Orem. Police arrested a suspect who lives in the area.

Domestic dispute

March 5 – Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute near 800 West Center Street in Orem. Police say the couple were fighting inside an RV at the home, and the disputers fell silent after police knocked on the door. Police said the man refused to exit the vehicle because of a protective order to keep the two apart. The man was found hiding under the bed in the RV.


March 5 – The Orem City Fire Department put out a storage unit fire at 1400 W. in Orem.

Hit and run

March 5 – A woman was arrested after allegedly causing a multi-vehicle crash and driving off. Police found her car abandoned and the woman inside a gas station bathroom.


March 6 – A woman reported that a man she met online did inappropriate things over a Facetime conversation with her.

Attempted suicide

March 7 – Police responded to a report of a man lying in the road and jumping in front of traffic at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Police said the man pulled a knife on an officer and told police to shoot him. Police used a bean bag round to apprehend the man after he fled onto the roof of the Olmsted Power Plant. The man was arrested, taken to the hospital and then taken to the precinct.


March 7 – A man was reported to have pulled a knife on another man at Canyon View Park. Police identified and arrested the suspect a short time later.

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