Police Beat: Nov. 20-27



Criminal Mischief

Nov. 20 – An individual reported a chalk drawing or writing on a sign in the Harris Fine Arts Center. The Grounds Department cleaned it up.


Nov. 22 – Officers responded to a report of the smell of marijuana smoke in Helaman Halls.

Nov. 24 – Officers responded to a report of the smell of narcotics in Helaman Halls.


Missing Persons

Nov. 22 – A 9-year-old girl was found after being last seen at 850 W. Columbia Lane.



Nov. 20 – A driver was taken to the hospital and charged with DUI after his car jumped off a curb at 50-60 mph, went airborne, hit the top of a six foot fence and crashed into a ditch off the east side of I-15. The incident occurred on 1600 S. Sandhill Road.

Nov. 20 – A driver was arrested for DUI after an officer stopped the driver for crossing over three lanes of traffic.

Nov. 20 – A man was arrested for DUI after he drove over a curb while pulling into a parking lot.


Nov. 20 – An officer stopped a car for an equipment problem and smelled marijuana. He ticketed the car’s two occupants when they gave the marijuana up.


Nov. 20 – A man was cited for filling prescriptions using his wife’s name.


Nov. 20 – An officer pursued a car that wouldn’t stop. When the officer stopped the pursuit and followed up on the incident, he found the car in the parking lot of a hospital. The man in the car had been taking his daughter to the emergency room, and no charges were filed.

Nov. 20 – An officer stopped a car for failing to signal. When the officer approached the car, the car drove away, and the officer chose not to pursue for a simple infraction.


Nov. 20 – A suspect ran away on foot after robbing a fast-food restaurant.


Nov. 20 – A juvenile was stopped for shoplifting at Al’s Sporting Goods.

Nov. 20 – A juvenile was charged after he was caught shoplifting at Target.

Nov. 20 – Three women were stopped after trying to shoplift from Walmart. Two were cited and the third was taken to jail.

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