Police Beat: Nov. 14-20




Nov. 17 – A male student made a delayed report of another male student assaulting him at the Jesse Knight Building.


Nov. 14 – A bike of undetermined value was reported stolen from Helaman Halls.  A piece of the bike’s cable lock was located near the bike rack.

Nov. 14 – A female student reported a $500-value bike stolen from the Brimhall Building.

Nov. 14 – A female student reported a bike stolen from the Tanner Building bike racks. An officer located the bike after double checking the area and the impound area.

Nov. 15 – A bike was reported stolen from the Smith Fieldhouse bike rack six days after it was stolen.

Nov. 15 – A woman reported a $130-value bike stolen from the covered bike racks outside the Jesse Knight Building.

Nov. 15 – A male visitor reported a $200-value diamondback bike stolen from a bike rack near one of the Wymount laundries.

Weapons Offense

Nov. 14 – A student reported seeing another student using a hunting knife to open a plastic package. The second student was contacted and will not bring the knife to the area.


False Alarm

Nov. 15 – Officers were called about a man walking on or near the Lakeridge Junior High campus with what looked like a rifle bag. Lakeridge Junior High went on lock-down for about 15 minutes until a UVU officer saw the man and found no problem.

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