‘OcTubafest’ celebrates largest brass instrument with the community

BYU music professor Steve Call will perform in this weekend’s OcTUBAfest concerts. (Steve Call)

Time for tuba. OcTubafest is here for the BYU community to celebrate the large brass instrument in free tuba concerts and workshops Oct. 20 – 21.

OcTubafest is a long-standing tradition within strong music programs throughout American universities. BYU music professor Steve Call began BYU’s Octubafest 36 years ago.

“The tuba is an instrument that does not get the credit and attention it deserves as a solo or ensemble instrument,” Call said.

Performances will feature Kevin Wass, professor of tuba and euphonium at Texas Tech, as guest tuba soloist in recital with BYU pianist Christi Leman.

Tif Holmes
Kevin Wass from Texas Tech University will perform in BYU OcTubafest 2017 with BYU students and teachers. (Steve Call)

The pinnacle of this weekend’s event is the OcTubafest Grand Concert. Tuba and euphonium players of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to perform as an ensemble on Saturday night.

Every tuba or euphonium player of the OcTubafest Grand Concert Ensemble will have participated in the free workshop the morning of the concert.

BYU Tuba player and music major Daniel Summit said the grand concert is a unique experience because tuba and euphonium will be used for all parts of the music.

“Think of a four-part harmony, but tubas are playing every part,” Summit said.

Summit said last year’s concert included a sing-along portion.

This year’s grand concert will also feature Wass, Call, and Hector Molina as soloists and together as ensemble members in collaboration with pianist, Leman.

“In our concerts, we play a wide variety of musical styles and we have entertaining and interesting surprises,” Call said.

There are three chances to catch the tuba love this weekend. BYU’s annual Octubafest 2017 runs free of charge Oct. 20, 21 in the HFAC Madsen Recital Hall and a studio recital on Oct. 23 in HFAC Room E-250.

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