Police Beat: May 22-26




May 22 – A backpack was reported taken from an unsecured vehicle in the parking lot at 900 East and Birch Lane.

May 22 – A bicycle was reported stolen from a parking structure bike rack. The bicycle was reported as being secured with a cable lock prior to being stolen.



May 24 – A man was arrested after breaking into and ransacking a building and stealing more than $5,000 worth of electronic equipment. The man was on probation at the time of his arrest, with multiple existing felony convictions for theft. His bail is set at $10,000 cash only.




May 22 – Officers arrested a man for DUI after his involvement in an accident at 100 S. Main. He was arrested for DUI and obstruction and possession of a firearm by an intoxicated person.

Domestic Disturbance

May 22 – Officers responded to and separated an arguing couple for the night. They were arguing over the answer to a question on the man’s homework.


May 24 – A man robbed an Alpine Credit Union around 11 a.m. The man is described as Hispanic, ranging between 5-foot-5 inches and 5-foot-8 inches tall, and thinly built with facial hair. He was wearing a black hoody with a pi symbol on it, a Cabela’s baseball hat, black skinny jeans and gray shoes. Contact Orem Police at 801-229-7070 with any information.


May 25 – Orem Police responded to a possible threat at Lakeridge Junior High School. A student sent a message on May 24 with a picture of a handgun that said, “Don’t go to school tomorrow.” Officers notified school administration and identified and met with the 14-year-old suspect and his parents. The weapon in the photograph was a realistic looking BB gun. The boy and his parents cooperated with local police. The student was not allowed to attend school the next day.


May 25 – A woman was found in possession of a large amount of meth. Officers later discovered more meth, as well as marijuana and a handgun, at her home.

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