Police Beat Oct. 27 – Nov. 6




Oct. 27 — The wheels of a male student’s trek bike were stolen while locked with a U-lock at the Faculty Office Building. The tires were worth $363.

Oct. 28 — A male student’s $200 bike was stolen while it was locked with a cable lock at Wyview.

Oct. 28 — A female student’s Macbook was stolen out of her backpack after the class left the room and she left her backpack there. It was gone when she came back. The Macbook is valued around $1,000.

Oct. 31 — A female student’s backpack was placed in a supervisor’s office by a custodian in the Kennedy Center when she left. The backpack was gone when she returned later. The items of value within the backpack are estimated to be worth $200.

Oct. 31 — A male student locked his bike to a fence at the Wyview intramural fields with a cable lock. When he returned the cable lock had been cut, and the bike was stolen. The bike was a yellow and silver Schwinn worth $100.


Oct. 29 — People reported individuals refusing to leave the intramural field north of campus. The individuals left before police arrived.

Oct. 29 — Two people were caught climbing on a crane at the MTC construction site by a student security officer. The male and female were arrested and charged with trespassing. University Police said climbing on the crane is extremely dangerous.


Oct. 27 — Police were contacted after a driver tapped a pedestrian with their car while crossing the street. The pedestrian responded by pounding his fist on the hood of the car.


Nov. 1 — The ground’s office was contacted after the south stairs going up from the Maeser hill were graffitied with white, turquoise and orange chalk. Cleanup for the damage was reported to be $100.


Criminal mischief

Nov. 1 — Timpview High School was put on lockdown when police received a call about a hostage situation at a nearby house. The lockdown was lifted by noon after police called the house occupants out and took many into custody. There was no report of gun fire or forced entry at the scene.

Nov. 2 — A man pleaded guilty for soliciting sex from a minor, who was actually a detective posing as a 13-year-old girl. The man was booked into custody at the Utah County Jail.

Lost child

Nov. 3 — Police were able to find a boy reported missing and returned him to his family. The boy is a non-verbal autistic 10 to 11 year old and was found by another resident.

Drug paraphernalia 

Nov. 7 — Provo Police are actively seeking a man who was found doing a drug deal with meth and heroin behind a shed. He failed to show in court after being arrested.



Nov. 1 — Suspects pried open the backdoor of a house in North Orem. The house was burglarized and money was taken.

Criminal Mischief 

Nov. 1 — Police were called after candles caused a house fire in Orem. The house is reported to be a complete loss.

Nov. 2 — A driver was arrested and the passenger was ticketed after Orem police pulled over a car containing weed. The driver had a warrant out for his arrest.

Nov. 2 — Three children were hit by a car while crossing a school crosswalk. The kids received minor injuries, were taken to the hospital and the driver was charged.

Nov. 5 — Orem Police responded to a report of a man and a woman dumpster diving at a business in north Orem. The man fled when police arrived. Police talked to the woman, confiscated her drug paraphernalia and ticketed her. Police believe the man had a felony warrant out against him. They went to his house, where he took off running once again by jumping over neighbors’ fences. Police caught him shortly after and arrested him.


Nov. 1 — A man was arrested for DUI after he left his house when he got in an argument with a woman in the household.

Nov. 5 — A car’s front tires burst when a driver ran his car into a curb. Due to previous convictions, he was arrested for felony DUI.

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