Fight over flavor-shot-enhanced ‘dirty sodas’ in court

Bryan Pearson
Swig and Sodalicious are two popular soda shops in Utah. Swig is suing Sodalicious for allegedly stealing the “dirty” soda concept (Bryan Pearson).

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A judge has heard one front in a fight between two Utah chains that sell “dirty sodas,” which are spiked with flavor shots and increasingly popular in the predominantly Mormon state where sugar is a common vice.

Soda shop Swig is suing competitor Sodalicious, saying they copied the “dirty” concept, down to the frosted sugar cookies sold alongside the sweet drinks. Sodalicious denies that.

Swig asked a federal judge on Thursday to keep the Sodalicious lawyer from seeing key financial information produced in the case because she’s married to one of the co-owners.

Attorney Tessa Meyer Santiago says her husband isn’t involved in day-to-day business decisions and having to bring on a new lawyer would unfairly expensive.

U.S. District Judge Dustin Pead said the close relationship could be an issue, and granted some restrictions.

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