‘Modest Mermaid’ BYU student makes a splash on Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram


BYU student Teresa Jack has been a huge fan of the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid” since she was young.

She garnered more than a few fans herself when she dressed up in costume based on the character Ariel at a costume event in California this past weekend. Among them was pop culture icon Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney Kardashian
BYU student Teresa Jack met Kourtney Kardashian and posed during a costume contest at “The Little Mermaid Live” in Los Angeles. (Instagram/@kourtneykardash)

Kardashian posted a photo of Jack on Instagram with the caption “How cute is this girl in her Ariel costume?! #TheLittleMermaid”

Kardashian has more than 41 million followers on Instagram, and the picture currently has more than 312,000 likes.

Jack said in a post on Facebook that she made the costume herself by sewing purple gems and sequins onto a skin-toned leotard. She chose this approach, rather than using a shell bra like the character, to create a more modest portrayal of Ariel.

“You can’t imagine how great it felt hearing from a Kardashian that she loved and appreciated my costume,” Jack said on Facebook. “The Kardashians have a different comfort zone when it comes to modesty than I do, and Kourtney agreed that my costume was still beautiful enough to share on her Instagram.”

Jack said she is happy to have support and appreciation for her efforts to be modest even though she did not win the costume contest. Jack is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and served an LDS mission in the Tennessee Knoxville Mission.

“Kourtney sharing this modest mermaid goes to show that modest choices are every bit as beautiful as the next,” Jack said. “Don’t be ashamed of modesty. Don’t buckle under the pressure of societal standards.”

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