Roommates share memories with motorhome named Jambo


Roommates John Sheen, Michael Slater and Taylor Dahl shared their experience of owning a Dodge 1978 Sportsman Jamboree motorhome. They purchased the motorhome, named Jambo a year ago. Slater, Dahl and Sheen along with other roommates and friends have taken Jambo on over 15 adventures.

“It creates friendships,” Sheen said. “There’s something magical about being in the RV that makes you friends with everyone else in it immediately.”

The roommates agreed Jambo has created worthwhile memories, although the process of keeping Jambo running has been more time consuming than they anticipated.

“It doesn’t have to be nice to enjoy it,” Dahl said. “In the end, say the thing breaks down and dies, it was worth it.”

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