Disneyland enthusiasts share their 10 favorite eats in the park

Disneyland is not only famous for its rides, but also for its food. Local Utahn’s share their favorite Disneyland-exclusive treats and where to find them. (Disneyland Resort/Twitter)

Utah residents often use Memorial Day weekend as a time to get away to Disneyland and indulge in magical food.

Paul Duerden, general manager at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, has used an annual pass to Disneyland for 15 years.

“My family and I love Disneyland,” Duerden said. “Especially the food that you can only get there.”

UVU student Natalie Giles also has a Disneyland annual pass.

“I have an annual pass because I love Disneyland so much,” Giles said.

Annual pass or not, some visitors to the happiest place on earth come for the rides but stay for the food. Here are 10 favorite eats at Disneyland.

1. Hand-dipped corn dog

Disneyland’s Hand-Dipped Corn Dog is found at the Little Red Wagon located on Main Street. It’s known to be one of the best places to eat in Anaheim because of the little bits of corn found in the batter, according to Yelp 

The Matterhorn macaroon can be found at the Jolly Holiday Bakery. (Sarabeth McElhaney/Twitter)

“We usually always make sure to go to the corn dog trolley,” Duerden said. “What makes it so good is that I’ve seen them triple dip the dog into the cornbread batter.”

2. Matterhorn macaroon

The Matterhorn macaroon is a large macaroon covered with frosting to look like the snow on top of the Matterhorn ride in Disneyland.

“They are bigger than any macaroon I have ever seen,” Giles said.

The macaroons are sold at the Jolly Holiday Bakery located on Main Street.

3. Monte Cristo sandwich

“I love the Monte Cristo,” Giles said. “It’s not only my favorite thing in Disneyland but it’s like a doughnut sandwich.”

It’s sold at the Blue Bayou restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean Cove ride.

Natalie Giles’ little sister Whitney Giles with her macaroni in a cone in Cars Land at California Adventure. (Natalie Giles)

4. Macaroni cheese bites

Different forms of macaroni can be found all over Disneyland and California Adventure. The crazy cone in Cars Land consists of a cone filled with macaroni and bacon bits on top.

Giles said she loves to get the macaroni cheese bites by Frontierland because they are small, deep-fried and easy to pop in the mouth.

5. Churro

Duerden said much of the food he buys in Disneyland is large enough to share with his family.

“The churros in Disneyland and California Adventure are a big thing for my family,” Duerden said. “We always make sure we get one while we are there.”

Back by popular demand, Nicole Hawkins said the fried green tomato sandwich is a must. (Disneyland Today/Twitter)

6. Fried green tomato sandwich

BYU student Nicole Hawkins has lived in California her whole life and knows the ins-and-outs of Disneyland.

“The best food is the fried green tomato sandwich offered at Hungry Bear Restaurant by Splash Mountain,” Hawkins said. “There has been an uproar because it was replaced on the menu recently by a sub par turkey wrap.”

Hawkins said forums and petitions from people have brought the sandwich back but it is now sold for much more money.

“It’s worth it though,” Hawkins said. “It is toasty, savory and surprising.”

7. Cream – cheese Filled Pretzel

Soft pretzels are another park food found all over Disneyland and California Adventure.

The Mickey Mouse pretzel is a popular item at Disneyland. (Disneyland Resort/Twitter)

Pretzels in the shape of Mickey Mouse, pretzel bites and pretzels filled with cheese and jalapeños adorn the streets of the parks.

There is a specialty soft pretzel only available by the Star Wars ride, according to Giles.

“Over by the Star Wars ride there is the soft pretzel that you can only get in tomorrow Land,” Giles said. “They are cream cheese filled pretzels that are huge, fluffy and so good.”

She said the pretzel is sweet and the cream cheese has been flavored with sugar.

8. Louisiana gumbo in bread bowl 

Louisiana Gumbo is well known throughout Louisiana, but Disneyland features it in New Orleans Square.

“I personally like to go get some of the Louisiana Gumbo that’s right across from the French Restaurant in the New Orleans area,” Duerden said.

9. New Orleans mint julep

The Gibson Girl mocha almond fudge ice cream is one of Disneyland’s most famous foods. (Hannah Nelson)

There are many different drinks in Disneyland, but Giles said her favorite is the New Orleans mint julep.

“It’s a minty limeade that’s frosty and frozen,” Giles said.

The New Orleans mint julep can be found at the mint julep bar in New Orleans square.

10. Gibson Girl ice cream parlor

Located on Main Street in Disneyland is an old – fashioned ice cream parlor.

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor is widely known for its specialties, ice cream floats and the classic ice cream scoop in a waffle cone.

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