BYU students use apps, store deals for cheap dates


BYU students are spooning up great deals for dates in the Provo area with the help of certain stores and apps.

Spoon It Up offers a date night special every Friday evening. If customers buy two cups together, they receive 20 percent off the purchase. 

Owner Jake Gaskin said the shop’s proximity to campus drives the date-night deal.

“It’s all about location,” Gaskin said. “We set strategic deals that cater to students. They make up 95 percent of our total business.”

Spoon It Up owner Jake Gaskin stands by his frozen yogurt machines. Gaskin said his shop’s location in Provo drives date-night traffic. (Jenna Crowther)

Spoon It Up also takes advantage of social media and discount apps to spread deals and bring in customers.

Coupon sites such as Groupon or Pocket Points also offer discounts that appeal to students looking for dates. Pocket Points is designed to reward students for staying off their phones during class. Points can be redeemed for discounts at local stores and restaurants.

BYU student Rachel Cerchiari uses Pocket Points for the discounts it offers at her favorite restaurants.

“I went on a Pocket Points date and got free chicken nuggets at Chick-fil-A once,” she said. “I like using Pocket Points because it gives me an excuse to stay on campus. It motivates me to study because I know I can get free food.”

But the best dates come free according to BYU student Quinten Day. He takes advantage of free events on campus for his dates.

“There’s tons of free stuff at BYU,” Day said. “Every Friday and Saturday night if you check the calendar, there’s at least 10 things you can do for free.”

BYU student Matthew Clason has little money to spare, but he gets creative to take girls on dates.

“Right now I can’t spend any money,” he said. “If any girl wants a good date idea from me, we could hike the Y.”

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