New Provo cereal bar stirs up fun atmosphere


Picture this: It is Saturday morning. You wake up, run down the stairs excited for your favorite bowl of cereal, when you open the cupboard and the box is empty. Provo’s new cereal bar might just be the solution for you.

Stir’s came to Provo in April of this year and is the third store in its franchise.

Stir’s is a cereal bar that lets customers enjoy unlimited cereal and gives them a place to hang out when they are full.

Store manager Gabi Sorensen mentioned a few things she loves about Stir’s.

“I love the vibe. When you walk in people are super happy,” she said.

Stir’s has games, Lego blocks and even a coloring table to keep the littles entertained while mom and dad enjoy their favorite cereals.

The place is one of a kind — from its fun color scheme of blue and orange to the cereal and products it sells.

On top of being able to consume unlimited cereal, customers can also purchase fun Froot Loops-scented soap bars, makeup products and even their own Stir’s hoodie or T-shirt. 

With more than 80 cereals to choose from, there is something for everyone.  

“So we have over 80 kinds of cereal, right? We have the ones up here that are considered classic, so those never change. And then behind that wall we have limited edition ones. So those cereals are really fun and are always rotating,” Sorensen said as she pointed out all the fun cereals customers have access to at Stir’s.

The limited edition wall includes cereals that are ketogenic diet-friendly, full of protein or just straight marshmallows, while the classics wall includes cereals such as Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles.

Stir’s even has a few international cereals customers can try if they are feeling adventurous.

To complement their cereal, customers can choose one of Stir’s dairy-free milk options or stick to the classics, which just so happen to be from BYU’s Creamery on Ninth.

Whether you are feeling adventurous or want to stick to the classics, Stir’s has a cereal for everyone.

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