2016 Student Symposium to kickoff on Friday

BYU students will gather this Friday to present at the 18th Annual Religious Education Student Symposium.

Brigham Young University will be hosting their 18th annual Religious Education Student Symposium this Friday.

Dozens of students will be presenting their research findings on a variety of topics. Topics range anywhere from Church history to ancient prophets, to other important topics surrounding taboos on homosexuality.

Casey Paul Griffiths, a visiting professor of Church History and Doctrine, anticipates this symposium to be a good one.

“The symposium exists to give young scholars a chance to experience what it is like to research, write, and present on a topic of their choice. Since the creation of the symposium a wide variety of topics have been shared, and a number of promising young thinkers have gotten their start in academia,” said Griffiths explaining more about what the symposium is.

The BYU symposium actually dates back to when President Eyring was the Church Commissioner of Education. Eyring felt it was a good opportunity for students to conduct research and present their findings.

The symposium will be held in the Wilkinson Center on campus on Friday, February 19th in various rooms on the third floor.

You can find out where the classes will be held and more on their flyer or you may visit their Facebook page to meet the students and read about their stories.



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