Police Beat: Mar. 4–Mar. 10




March 3 – An individual reported a laptop taken from the Heber J. Grant Building.  On checking the area again, the laptop was located at the area’s lost and found.



March 4 – A man was arrested in Price and found to have a check that was stolen from a mailbox in South Orem.

March 4 – A man had his wallet stolen while at the Orem Rec Center. Officer Jamison was able to identify three juveniles who had stolen the wallet and then used the victim’s credit cards. All three were arrested.

March 6 – Officers responded to an accident at 480 S. Carterville Road. Two people in one of the cars fled on foot, and police found out that the car had been stolen.

Mar. 7 – An Orem woman’s boyfriend stole her guitar and pawned it. He is currently in jail on an unrelated charge, so Officer Thompson will be submitting him for theft charges.


Mar. 5 – Our SET officer assisted Utah County SET officers on a search warrant in Southeast Orem. They recovered weed, shrooms and paraphernalia.

Mar. 5 – Officer Hawes cited a man for possessing some hippie lettuce.

Mar. 6 – Officer Locke stopped a car and suspected the driver was hiding something. One of the K-9s sniffed out the man’s heroin stash, and he was taken to the county jail.

Mar. 7 – Officer Denning was at an apartment on a medical call when he smelled some cigaweed. He went sniffing around and found two people sitting in a car hot-boxing. They had been smoking the left-handed cigarette and turned it over.


Mar. 5 – Officer Meeks was responding to a home alarm early this morning. When he got close he saw a man running away from the house. He stopped the man and found out that he had just burglarized a home near 1400 S. 700 East. The man was arrested and taken to the county jail for burglary, criminal mischief, theft and public intoxication.

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