Third annual Utah Valley United Against Hunger Food Drive begins

Donate (Whitney Tibbitts)
Donate your food to any of the 45 bins on campus starting Nov. 10. (Whitney Tibbitts)

BYU is teaming up with UVU for the third year in the Valley United Against Hunger Food Drive. This is the largest donation Utah Valley receives each year and the second largest donation in Utah.

“Thousands of families are reliant upon our efforts to make it through the holiday season,” said Chandler Parkinson, vice president of BYU Student Alumni Philanthropy and this year’s food drive coordinator.

Thirteen percent of Utahns live in poverty, and one in six children in Utah Valley goes home to empty cupboards.

Last year’s food drive prevented 289 foreclosures, equivalent to $11.5 million in foreclosure costs, according to Community Action Services Communications Director Craig Severinsen. Last year, 4,698,402 pounds of food were delivered to help 6,413 families suffering from hunger.

This year’s goal is to raise 500,000 pounds of food and $30,000. Last year’s Valley United Against Hunger committee raised 406,000 pounds of food and $25,000.

The holiday season food drive was originally a competition between BYU and the University of Utah, but partnering with UVU has promoted a more positive spirit in a joint effort to help Utah County.

Students can donate by delivering food to any of the 45 bins on campus starting Monday, Nov. 10. Monetary donations can be made online at Donations made directly to Community Action Services in South Provo are not discouraged but will not be counted in the food drive totals.

A flyer for the (Screenshot)
A flyer for the Food Truck Round-Up Concert. (Screenshot)

Perishable goods are accepted, including peanut butter, pasta and rice. Most-needed items include chili, Spaghetti-Os, corn, peaches, pears, pinto beans, tuna, vegetable beef soups and stews.

Non-food items are also accepted: cleaning supplies, toilet paper, bar soap, laundry soap, shampoo, toothpaste, diapers (sizes 3–5) and feminine hygiene products.

Students can also donate at the Food Truck Roundup and benefit concert Nov. 13 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. It will be held at 560 S.100 West in Provo.

The Food Truck Roundup flyer reads, “Bring cans and cash to donate, because the struggle is real.”

Provo Mayor John Curtis will be presenting a donation to Community Action. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m., featuring Kindred Dead and Okkah.

Students can also donate at the Cosmo the Cougar cupcake mural on Nov. 19. The food drive will close with a dance on Nov. 21.

Volunteers are needed to collect and transport donations. All students are welcome. Contact Chandler Parkinson for information at .

“Our contribution helps thousands of families avoid poverty and hunger as well as maintain their homes,” Parkinson said. “We (hope to create) relationships with beneficiaries that will endure for future food drives to come.”

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