Why modesty?


Recently, I have heard many conversations from girls about modesty and why they dress the way they do. There seems to be an idea that guys cannot control their thoughts and when a girl dresses immodestly we are immediately singing Primary songs in our heads. Growing up, I had a lot of girl friends who were not LDS or did not understand the importance of modesty and the effect their appearance has on both men and women. I did not automatically reject these girls just because of their appearance, but I feel the way that you dress reflects your confidence and self-respect.

I appreciate girls who dress modestly, not just because it is a commandment but because they know they are daughters of God and they want to value what God has given them. I want girls to be modest first for themselves and then for guys. The truth is, guys like it when girls dress nicely and look “cute.” It makes a big difference when girls wear clothing that is not revealing but are still well-kept.

The way the world views immodesty is as an attractant and sex appeal and has been around for a long time; it’s not something new. We see immodesty everywhere on TV, in advertisements, etc., and both men and women need the protection that modesty provides. I think the way you dress should be less about others and more about respecting yourself, men and women alike.

Kevin Sonico
Sacramento, Calif.

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