Provo City buys Rock Canyon


Mayor John Curtis made an “epic” announcement that Provo City will purchase a substantial portion of the independently owned Rock Canyon.

Mike McKell climbs a rock face at Rock Canyon. (Photo by Elliott Miller)
Mike McKell climbs a rock face at Rock Canyon. (Photo by Elliott Miller)

Curtis announced on Tuesday, April 29, that Richard Davis and his family are selling large portions of Rock Canyon to Provo City.

The mayor has placed a strong emphasis on improving the quality of life for Provo residents.

The mayor wrote on his blog, “Today we bought a canyon!

He spoke of the importance Rock Canyon has in Provo. It is minutes away from Center Street and offers a diverse outdoors recreation area for Provo residents.

Rock Canyon will soon be a city park under the Parks and Recreation Department.

Speaking of the impact of this announcement and of Rock Canyon, Curtis said, “My prediction is that over time all of you will understand this as a significant and epic announcement. This is not about preserving it in years past or now. This is about preserving it for the future.”

Provo plans to do more than just “improve the restrooms” in the canyon. Provo has set an emphasis on preserving the canyon and the recreation areas in it.

After years of litigation between Red Slab LLC and the Davis Family, the city of Provo was contacted to mediate the issue. Both parties have agreed to sell the canyon to Provo.

Sen. John Valentine, R-Utah County, came to the announcement representing Red Slab, and Michael Davis came on behalf of his family. Both of them mentioned how important Rock Canyon is to them and to the community.

The late Richard Davis’ son, Michael, was in attendance. After more than a decade of litigation over the proper use of Rock Canyon, Michael Davis said, “It’s so awesome to have it over. … I’m glad that it’ll be a place my children, my grandchildren, and my father’s children will be able to use forever.”

This announcement may bring no immediate impact for Provo residents. Rock Canyon was already open to the public.


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