Weekly Five: 5 most popular celebrities of 2013


Like every year, 2013 was a year to remember in the entertainment industry. Some stars you rooted for, and others you just wanted to disappear. Either way, there were certain stars you just couldn’t get away from. So, without further ado: the good, the bad and the ugly of the five most popular celebrities of 2013.

1. Miley Cyrus

The tongue. The space cat. The foam finger. This was the year of Miley, hands down.

No longer the child star most of us remember, this wild child singer dropped her new album “Bangerz” in October. While Cyrus was going through a tough break up with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, she was still gracious enough to teach the world how to twerk during her VMA performance with Robin Thicke.

Cyrus apparently lit a joint on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards then attempted to apologize using a floating cat head that lip synched along with her and cried diamonds at the American Music Awards; apologies are always done best when a cat is involved.

It seems that Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed; there’s no telling what she’ll do next.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

J. Law is the bomb. She is everyone’s favorite celebrity right now. She’s pretty, down to earth and she can shoot a bow like nobody’s business.

She’d rather eat potatoes than be skinny. She reportedly refused to lose weight for “The Hunger Games” and said she didn’t want little girls to think they had to be skinny to be like Katniss.

“Jennifer is finally the positive role model that Hollywood needs,” said Makayla Romboy, an exercise science major. “She has a positive body image, she’s funny and lighthearted.”

Lawrence is definitely hilarious (just Google “Jennifer Lawrence quotes”).

She even won an Oscar for her role in last year’s “Silver Linings Playbook,” and there’s already buzz about another Oscar for “American Hustle,” out later this month. This girl is totally on fire.

3. Kimye

Yes, Kimye is two people, but together, they make one ginormous person, and now that they have a child, they’re even bigger.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are easily this year’s power couple. The long time friends shocked the world when they began dating last year while Kardashian was going through a messy divorce from Brooklyn Nets player Kris Humphries.

They shocked the world again when they announced Kardashian was pregnant. Kardashian wore some not-so-flattering outfits during her pregnancy. Then the baby came in July, and what did they name her? North West. That poor child.

“North West is such a mean name for a kid,” said Chris Sylvanstoke, an exercise science major. “It’s a good thing she’s a really cute baby.”

Kanye is currently on his Yeezus tour with Kim and North in tow.

4. Prince George

If there’s one baby that could trump North, it would be Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, the newest member of the royal family.

With the world watching him before he was out of the womb, he was truly born a star. The fourth in line to the throne of England, Prince George has got a lot going for him already.

He hasn’t exactly had the chance to do anything crazy (he’s only four months old!), but his mom and dad caused quite a frenzy when they took two whole days to release his name.

“If Prince George has the radical promiscuity of Harry and the regal responsibility of William, then God bless the U.K.,” said Nicolle Okoren, a sociology major.

Whether he’s a heartbreaker or responsible old chap, he’s already won the heart of the world, and everyone will be watching as he grows up.

5. Amanda Bynes

Who really knows what was going on with Amanda Bynes this year? The craziness started well before 2013, but Twitter became her playground and suddenly the former child star was all anyone talked about.

This year Bynes started some class-A drama over Twitter, starting fights with stars like Rihanna, putting the Obamas on her “ugly list” and tweeting weirdly inappropriate things at rapper Drake.

After lighting a fire in her driveway in July, Bynes was hospitalized for mental evaluation and remained in psychiatric care until moving to a rehab facility at the end of September. The whole thing was pretty sad, but this story has a happy ending. In early December, Bynes was released from rehab and moved in with her parents for outpatient care. Let’s hope she has a healthy 2014.

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