The Weekly Five: Five fall favorites


With the passing of Sept. 22, the fall semester all has finally descended upon us. Cool weather, candy corn and Halloween are all common things that make this time of the year enjoyable. Here is a list of five fall favorites for the BYU community.

1. Pay a visit to a haunted house

A thriving college population paired with the Halloween season makes the Provo area a beacon of hair-raising terror during this time of year. With options such as Castle of Chaos’ hands-on horror and Anguish Asylum’s psychopath theme, terror is just a hop, skip and scream away.

2. Get lost in a corn maze

Corn mazes are one of the unique blessings of the fall season in Utah. Not only is it a fun activity to do with friends, but it is perfect for first dates. Another option for scares and thrills is the haunted corn maze option at Insanity Point, located at Thanksgiving Point. It is available Monday, Friday and Saturday nights for $15.95 per person.

Whether you like a good challenge or a more horrifying rise, corn mazes make for a fabulous fall favorite.

3. Huddle up next to a bonfire

This past week has proven to Provo that we are in for some crisp, cold weather in the near future. What better way to spend an evening than next to a fire making s’mores and socializing with friends?

“I like bonfires because it is a chance to just chill with your friends, and it has great cuddle potential,” said Ryan McKell, 22, a marine biology major from Eagle, Idaho.

Just because the summer weather is on its way out doesn’t mean that the outdoor recreation has to cease. Bonfires are the perfect replacement.

4. Spend a day relaxing

One of the best feelings of the fall season is having a lazy day of relaxation. As busy college students, it is almost an obligation to curl up with a blanket and catch up on your favorite episodes of reality television during this time of year.

“My ideal day would be spending a day of relaxation indoors, in my pajamas, watching a good movie and eating,” said Matt Ratelle, 22, a finance major from Couer d’alene, Idaho.

5. Show some homecoming spirit

This week marks one of the university’s fall highlights: Homecoming week. This is our chance as students to show our school spirit, cheer for our Cougars and dance the night away. Taylor Winget, 22, a junior from Eagle, Idaho, looks forward to the week’s festivities.

“I’m excited for the dances because it’s a time that we get to dress up and express ourselves on the dance floor,” Winget said.

If you rival Michael Jackson’s dance moves or dance like Elaine from “Seinfeld,” this week always proves to be a school-spirited week of fun.

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