New cell phone company goes live

A new mobile network operator called Aio Wireless launched Sept. 12. (Photo courtesy of Aio Wireless.)
A new mobile network operator called Aio Wireless launched Sept. 12. (Photo courtesy of Aio Wireless)

Aio Wireless, a new cell phone company that uses AT&T’s network, launched nationwide Sept. 12.

LTE, the latest network technology being deployed by cell phone companies, is available through Aio Wireless. Straight Talk, Walmart’s prepaid cell phone company and Aio Wireless are the only mobile virtual network operators that have access to AT&T’s LTE network.

“I think what sets us apart is we’re a sensible brand choice,” Jermaine Spight, senior public relations manager of Aio Wireless, said. “We have three service levels. There’s no annual contract and you can also bring over your own device.”

Aio Wireless is known as a mobile virtual network operator, meaning that it operates as an entity separate from other cell phone companies, but it uses their networks. Phones may be purchased through Aio Wireless and phone financing is available.

There are three plans offered by Aio Wireless. All plans include unlimited talk, taxes and fees included in the monthly price and unlimited text and picture messaging. Aio Wireless also offers unlimited data, but the data will be slowed down after a certain amount is used.

The basic plan, which includes 250 MB of high-speed data and costs $40 per month, is not compatible with smartphones.

The $55 per month plan, which includes two GB of high-speed data, and the $70 per month plan, which includes seven GB of high-speed data, are both available for smartphones.

“At least from a student standpoint, I think this is a very valuable service for those looking to get a deal and still get good service,” Spight said. “I think all students should consider looking at this sensible wireless brand.”

Aio Wireless is offering a promotion through Sept. 29 that will allow subscribers to get their third month of service free. Phones and service can be ordered through

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