BYU AdLab tackles the ethical challenges of advertising

BYU AdLab Manager Pat Doyle inspires students to create meaningful content despite an oversaturated, sales-driven advertising industry.

Are your devices secure? Tips for keeping your information safe

Professionals and students from BYU's cybersecurity program have tips for making life online a convenience, not a liability.

The TikTok trap: How the app fuels body dissatisfaction

With the combination of a surge in social media use, two years of an isolating global pandemic and the popular new app Tik Tok, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction are on the rise among young girls.

Cougars and cryptocurrency: How BYU students are getting involved in bitcoin

Some BYU students are getting involved in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency.

Some college students say cryptocurrency is the future

Many college students are turning to buying and selling cryptocurrencies to help cushion their finances while balancing unstable part-time jobs and limited work hours as full-time students.

Provo moves to more sustainable power practices

Provo City Council made a decision on May 5, 2020, that was a little bit shocking: Provo City approved a motion to switch power to 60% green, renewable energy by 2030.
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