Utahns to pocket new digital driver’s license on Apple Wallet

Apple recently announced that Utah one of the first eight states anticipating digital driver's licenses and state IDs with Apple Wallet.

Billionaire space race expands industry, ‘democratizes’ space

A new push for space tourism is expanding as some billionaires start a new space race with their recent flights. Opportunities for students entering the space industry are increasing while the potential for a democratization of space seems near.

Negativity, hate speech on social media at a level ‘never seen before’

Negativity on social media has increased in the past year and has included backlash against leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Overcoming heartbreak to finding the victory in defeat

In this podcast, Universe Contributor Brendan Gwynn explores the different elements of modern-day relationships and how to find happiness after heartbreak. Gwynn goes through the...

BYU professors express excitement over Mars rover Perseverance

BYU professors who research planetary science weighed in on the significance of NASA's achievements with the Perseverance rover on Mars.

BYU experts share how to use technology to improve mental health

Due to the increasing rise of online interactions and use of technology because of COVID-19 restrictions, many are feeling negative effects on their mental health, such as isolation and more depression and anxiety.
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