Weekly Five: Activities to celebrate the Fourth of July


Independence Day is the biggest holiday of the summer. Chances are you won’t have to go to school or work, so here are a few ways to celebrate your American pride and have a good time.

1. Listen to a live performance and watch a firework show at the Stadium of Fire. 

Every Fourth of July, BYU puts on Provo’s biggest concert of the summer at Lavell Edwards Stadium. This year Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jepson will be performing, and a fireworks show will be the grand finale of the night.

Kenton Nicholls, a 23-year-old senior from Ashburn, Va., studying business strategy, has enjoyed the Stadium of Fire in the past.

“There was a great firework show and a guy jumped out of a plane, which was cool,” Nicholls said. “It was a good show with good people, which made it a great Fourth of July.”

2. Go to Downtown Provo and enjoy Freedom Days.

Freedom Days runs July 3–5. An assortment of patriotic booths provide unique foods, specialty products, hands-on activities and local entertainment. Freedom Days is a great night attraction for those who want to avoid the heat of the day.

3. Dress in red, white and blue to watch the Grand Parade.

Start the holiday off right by watching the parade go down University Ave. at 9 a.m. Local and state schools, businesses and organizations get together to march down the street in celebration of American freedom.

Andrea Merrell, a 20-year-old senior from Orem studying finance, has grown up participating in this annual activity.

“Nothing says ‘I love America’ better than a campout on the ground along the parade route with all of my best friends,” Merrell said.

4. Hold a barbecue and fireworks show at home with friends.

Some fireworks are legal in Utah, so consider having your own fireworks show. Grill some burgers and hot dogs with neighbors and friends, and enjoy a summer day at home.

Ashley Petersen, a 19-year-old junior from Alpine studying business management, enjoys spending the holiday this way.

“I usually have a barbecue with my family and neighborhood, and we light fireworks off in our drive,” Petersen said. “These traditions have made the Fourth of July my favorite holiday.”

5. Write military members letters while listening to an assortment of America-themed music. 

Take a few minutes to write a thank-you note to someone who is serving or has served in the United States military. They sacrifice their lives so Americans can continue to enjoy freedom. Put together your favorite patriotic songs to set the mood. Happy Independence Day!

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