BYU Women’s Chorus sings to sing in General Conference Saturday afternoon


BYU Women’s Chorus will sing in the Saturday afternoon session of the 183rd Annual General Conference this weekend at 2 p.m.

The choir has prepared three hymns for the session: “Did You Think to Pray?”, “More Holiness Give Me” and “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee.”

The BYU Women's Chorus (above) will be singing in general conference this weekend (photo by Devin Anderton)
The BYU Women’s Chorus (above) will be singing in general conference this weekend (photo by Devin Anderton)

Women’s Chorus alto 2 singer, Alicia Pulidl said that her favorite hymn of the three is “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee.”

“It is a hymn that brings peace into your life,” Pulidl said. “It has a touching message that you can rely on the savior for whatever you need.”

Jean Applonie, conductor of BYU Women’s Chorus, said that the power of the hymns themselves inspire the choir.

“The singing of the LDS Hymns is so meaningful,” Applonie said. “These young singers love singing these hymns of faith…They have grown up with the (hymns) and they are part of their culture…there is deep meaning embedded for most of these singers.”

The hymns being sung in conference will be brought to life through the voices of many talented singers. Tressa Goodman, a pre-communications student, has attended one of Women’s Chorus’ concerts. She said that the unison of the singers voices was impressive. Goodman sang for her high school choir and said that her experience helped her appreciate choirs that are unified.

“From my experience, bringing together so many different voices and making it sound like one is really impressive,”Goodman said.

Choir members draw their inspiration from the hymns, personal experiences and the prospect of singing in general conference.

“The thought of singing in conference has been really inspiring in itself,” Applonie said.

The session can be streamed live here.

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