Police Beat




March 28 A flatbed trailer was stolen from a home located at 500 East and 3300 North.  The lock was cut and the pieces were left.

March 29 A woman left her prescription sitting at the front register. Her prescription was stolen by a customer who was waiting in line after her.

April 1 Five peep holes were stolen from Heritage Hall’s apartments. An officer responded and investigated. The officer contacted housing to make repairs.

April 1 An unsecured bike was stolen from the Wilkinson Student Center bike racks.

April 1 A victim’s bike was locked underneath her apartment stairs at 900 North and 200 West. A thief cut the bike lock and stole her bicycle.

April 1 A man’s passenger side door was removed from his vehicle at 900 North and 100 West.

April 1 A man reported that his license plate was stolen from his vehicle.


March 30 Between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., approximately $6 in change and eight to 10 cassette tapes were taken from a car parked at 700 South Idaho Ave.

April 1 Suspects entered a home at 900 North and 500 West and stole various items.


April 2 An individual refused to leave the WSC after causing a disturbance. Officers escorted him from the area.

Criminal Mischief

March 29 A U-Haul truck intentionally hit the fence of University Parking Enforcement’s tow yard and damaged two vehicles on the other side.

April 1 A hole was punched in a student housing apartment wall at 1600 North and University Ave.

April 1 Gang graffiti was found on the side of a building at 500 South and Freedom Blvd.

April 1 Officers found graffiti on a Provo City sign located on the 900 North bridge.

April 2 Graffiti was found at the Museum of Art and custodians were notified for cleanup.

Auto Theft

March 31 A man’s vehicle was stolen from where it was parked at 1600 West and 900 North while he was out of the country.

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