Police Beat


Suspicious Character 

Feb. 19 A man filming a YouTube video that focused on trying to see how many girls’ phone numbers he could get was escorted off the campus by police.

Disorderly Conduct

Mar. 5 A honking vehicle was reported at Wyview Terrace. The vehicle left the premises when the police arrived.

Criminal Mischief

Mar. 5 A victim reported that both mirrors were broken off of his vehicle parked in Lot 41.

Mar. 9 Egg throwing was reported in Lot 41. Officers checked the area. No egg throwers were found.


Mar. 5 A custodian reported that an individual refused to leave the Tanner Building after it had closed.


Mar. 6 An individual reported stalking and continued harassment at the ROTC. This individual was put in contact with a victims’ advocate. The investigation is ongoing.

Mar. 9 An individual reported seeing the same person several times in suspicious circumstances at the Harold B. Lee Library.


Mar. 4 Electronics were stolen from an office in the Widtsoe Building.

Mar. 4 A bicycle was stolen from the bike racks outside the Fletcher Building. The bicycle was unlocked.

Mar. 5 An individual reported that someone stole medication from his/her Helaman Halls dorm room.

Mar. 5 A tailgate was stolen from a truck parked in Lot 49.

Mar. 6 An unlocked bicycle was stolen outside the Fletcher Building.

Mar. 9 Some items were stolen from a Wymount porch.

Mar. 12 An individual reported having an item stolen from the Joseph Smith Building. The item was later returned to the individual.

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