Ryan Innes: A local artist with a voice like butter


Ryan Innes’ voice has been described as sultry and smooth. This could be why he sold out his first show this upcoming weekend.

Ryan Innes, a local musician, is performing at SCERA Center for the Arts Sat., February 9. (Photo courtesy Justin Hackworth)

Innes sold out his first show at SCERA Center for the Arts on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 7 p.m.. Because of the high demand, SCERA has added a second show at 9 p.m. on the same night for those who were unable to purchase tickets.

Linze Struiksma, a BYU graduate, is a fan of Innes and his work.

“His voice is seriously insane,” Struiksma said. “He makes girls melt just by using his voice.”

Struiksma worked on set with Innes during the 2012 Stadium of Fire, where he won the talent contest. She said Innes and his band are some of the nicest and most humble people she has met. She also said Innes’ group deserved the award they won.

Holly Garner, a theater major from Arizona, agreed with Struiksma and mentioned that Innes is a kind and charming person.

“The thing about him that is so different and is exciting is his voice,” Garner said. “You see him in person and he is kind of a grizzly-looking man and then what comes out of his mouth is this silky, smooth almost R&B sound.”

Garner also mentioned that she loves watching Innes perform, not only because he is a great singer, but because he is a great performer as well.

“I saw him sing the Beatles cover ‘Oh! Darling,’ and it literally gave me chills,” she said. “His voice is like butter. Yes, I said that. It’s like butter.”

Innes said he is very humbled by the support of his fans.

“It’s good to see there is support, and something I do is resonating with people,” he said. “I learned that when you pay attention to your fans instead of trying to showcase for them, you live up to their expectations.”

He released his first album in June 2010 and would like to complete another album before touring outside of Utah. He said it is a good time to be a musician in Utah because the music scene, especially in Provo, is blossoming.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that the show has sold out,” Innes said. “It was definitely unexpected.”

For more information, visit Ryan Innes’ website or the SCERA Center for the Arts website.

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