Harry Potter-themed feast at Pendulum Court


Ron Weasley wrap with berry jello salad, screaming mandrake soup, cauldron cakes and butterbeer are just a few highlights that were on the Pendulum Court Cafe menu on Thursday.

The Pendulum Court Cafe

Every semester, interns from the nutrition, dietetics and food science lab create a theme day at the popular Pendulum Court Cafe. This semester they chose a magical Harry Potter theme.

The very first person in line for the feast was sophomore psychology major Amanda McCall. McCall saw the Harry Potter menu revealed last week at the Cafe and knew she had to come back.

“I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I really love the books!” McCall said. “It’s actually my birthday today, so this is a great birthday present from BYU.”

Harry Potter has become a cultural staple in our society, especially at BYU. BYU continues a tradition of incorporating Harry Potter themes in many aspects of campus life.

This past February, BYU students created the very first “Cougar Quidditch Team.” The team competed at the Utah Snow Cup against the Denver Dementors, UNC Griffins, NAU Narwhals and the Utah Crimson Fliers. Even BYU’s Divine Comedy contributed to BYU’s Harry Potter mania by paying tribe to Harry Potter in”Firebolt,” a Harry Potter-inspired music video parody of Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

The Pendulum Court Cafe continued the Harry Potter tradition at BYU on Thursday. Many eager and hungry Harry Potter fans waited anxiously in line at the Eyring Science Center for the Harry Potter feast. Charlotte McCall, a visitor from the University of Louisville, stood in line and reminisced about her childhood memories of Harry Potter.

“We grew up reading the books, and I always wanted to marry Daniel Radcliffe,” McCall said.

Professors assisted the interns by helping create the menu for the theme day. Professor Julie Duncan created a recipe for the infamous butterbeer concoction that was served during Thursday’s meal.

Taetem Simms, a sophomore  studying computer science, participated in the taste testing of the Harry Potter food.

“I really enjoyed the feature attraction of the Harry Potter pork tenderloin,” Simms said. “My second favorite thing on the menu was the avada kedavra apple pie. I am coming back today primarily because they didn’t have the butterbeer during the taste testing.”

Now students no longer have to vicariously live through the Harry Potter book series, because butterbeer is right here at BYU.

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