Being your own boss of a growing company


Brandon Doyle would sell pencils and bracelets on the street when he was in third grade. He sold candy at school out of his clarinet case in the sixth grade. Then he started a custom clothing company in high school.

“I’ve always had that itch,” Doyle said.

Wallaroo Media is not your typical office. The relaxed environment makes coming to work enjoyable.

This “itch” of his turned into something more in 2008, when he founded Wallaroo Media after graduating from BYU. Doyle’s company is a full-service digital marketing agency to get its clients’ websites to the top of search engine results. Members of the company help their clients increase their online presence, engage with their customers and raise their earnings. This is all done through online marketing as society is becoming more digital and tech savvy.

“We do this by employing innovative strategies through search engine optimization, social media, content creation and online marketing,” Doyle said.

As a growing company, they need experienced people who have expertise in this digital age. Kade Hendershot, president and co-owner of Wallaroo Media, said that the company offers BYU internships for students to learn digital marketing skills in any industry. It is a good opportunity for students to be a part of and see firsthand a new and quickly growing business.

“We are a quality company that is growing at a steady enough pace to create new jobs each semester,” Hendershot said. “Quality content and content strategy is becoming more and more important in the ever-changing SEO industry.”

Garrett Jestice, a BYU marketing intern at Wallaroo Media, says he enjoys working with a small company because he gets to help out in various aspects of the business. Even though work can be busy, the atmosphere of the company is laid-back, and everyone loves what they do. Jestice appreciates his internship at Wallaroo Media because not only does it help build his resumé, it gives him real-life work experience that helps him decide what he wants to do after graduation.

“I like learning about all aspects of Internet marketing,” Jestice said. “Often you hear terms like ‘Internet marketing,’ ‘SEO,’ ‘social media campaign’ and ‘GoogleAdwords,’ but many people don’t really know what those things are. At this internship, I am not only learning about what those things are and why they are important, but also how to do each of them. Anyone interested in this field should look up Wallaroo Media to learn about them.”

Doyle had to learn quickly when he opened up his own company in order for it to succeed. He advises students to learn as much as they can and find something they love and can become an expert at while in school.

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