Police Beat



Sep. 18 A bike with an estimated value of $105 was reported stolen near the Joseph F. Smith building.

Sep. 18 A wallet containing $60 was reported stolen from a tenant’s desk in Heritage Halls.

Sep. 20 A laptop computer valued at $1,800 was stolen from a backpack during the Career Fair. Students were asked to remove their backpacks and place them against a wall outside the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom before entering the fair.

Sep. 20 A student reported a wallet stolen containing $30, three credit cards and a driver’s license. The wallet was in the student’s backpack which was left unattended due to the Career Fair.

Disorderly Conduct

Sep. 18 Four males were caught chasing ducks with a net near the Bell Tower. An officer told them to stop and they did.

Sep. 21 A broken toilet seat and a towel dispenser were reported broken in the Wilk.

Misplaced Items

Sep. 19 A license plate was found and successfully returned to its owner.

Traffic Woes

Sep. 20 Two juvenile males were reported riding scooters on sidewalks in Wymount Terrace at speeds of 40 mph. The report stated there was one black scooter and one blue scooter.

Sep. 21 A hit-and-run was reported in the Missionary Training Center parking lot after a motorcycle was left damaged. The motorcycle had been hit which caused it to fall and scrape its side and break the left rear view mirror.

Sep. 19 Two cars reported having backed into each other in the faculty parking area near the Richards Building.

Sep. 19 A driver ran a red light on East Campus Drive and collided with another vehicle. The second vehicle had to be towed and a citation was issued to the driver of the first vehicle.

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