Hockey Humanitarians


Shredding ice and blasting goals aren’t the only ways to contribute to the success of the BYU men’s hockey.

The Cougar team is a collegiate club not regulated by the NCAA.  That means no athletic scholarships, meager monetary aid from the university, and dozens of volunteer hours spent just to play a single game.

Collegiate clubs are left to plan practices, schedule games, raise funds, and manage piles of paperwork, leaving little room for players to squeeze in jobs and homework.

Due to the time constraints, without the help of their dedicated volunteers, the BYU men’s hockey program would cease to exist.

Fortunately, BYU is home to many hockey humanitarians willing to help.  More than 40 volunteers run the Cougar hockey organization from the general manager down to water boys.

Coach Ryan Newton says the abundant support allows the players to focus on what they do best.

“The biggest part of the volunteers is they make this happen for the players, that the players, all they have to worry about for the most part is playing,” said Newton.

General Manager Stan Weiss has already dedicated 20 years of his life to hockey and says there are a lot of ways for anyone to chip in.

“We’ve got lots of opportunities for you to volunteer,” said Weiss.  “And if you don’t have that much time, then support us by coming to the games, and bring all your friends with you.”

And believe me, they will put you straight to work.

To find out how you too can become a member of the men’s hockey family, visit

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