Humor U open mic night provides laughter and new talent


A red curtain, a microphone, a stool and a single, blinding spot light is the Humor U stage ready for nervous and excited comedians to share their material at open mic night.

Humor U held its official open mic night for the Spring and Summer terms for those looking to audition and try their hand at stand-up comedy.

Before the show, Humor U president Callie Petterborg expressed some of the things they look for in those performing.

“We look for an innate ability to write,” Petterborg said. “We like if their jokes show potential.”

There was a sign up sheet at the back of the auditorium for people to leave their names if they wanted to perform. One comedian, Jeff Spencer, signed up and was getting ready to perform as the second act of the night.

“It’s nerve racking,” Spencer said. “But at the same time, if I go up there and do well then I have a newfound confidence.”

Aaron Woodall, Humor U vice president said after the club has heard all of the performers they invite a few promising comedians to guest spot in their next show.

“It means we want you to be in the show,” Woodall said. “We think you’re funny, you show promise.”

Woodall started off the night with jokes of his own to show the crowd how it is done and to set a comfortable atmosphere. When he finished he expressed one of the most important rules of the night.

“It is scary and intimidating to get up here, so no matter what, everyone who gets up here tonight gets a big round of applause before and after they perform,” Woodall said.

By the end of the night 14 comedians shared their material which included a range of jokes from BYU culture and dating, to social networking and pop culture. There were also haikus read and musical numbers performed.

The club, after kidding around with each other when the show was over and discussing their own jokes, discussed the performers, the funny material they heard and who they want to invite to guest spot in their next show.

The most important thing they discussed was how each performer is encouraged to come to their practices every Wednesday night to try out their  jokes and get more comfortable performing to improve.

The next Humor U shows are July 27 and 28 where someone who performed at open mic night will get a chance to guest spot in the shows.

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