Top 10 remedies for missing your missionary


At some point in life, people in Utah are bound to personally know someone who goes on an LDS mission, whether it be a family member, friend, significant other or serving a mission themselves.

When an individual is abroad sharing the gospel they leave family and friends behind, leaving many missing them.

Allie Erikson, a senior from Sandy, had her best friend leave for his mission for almost two years ago. When he left, it was a big adjustment for Erikson.

“Not only were we dating but he was also my best friend, the person I would go to for everything,” Erikson said. “That was probably the worst part of it, just losing his friendship and presence in my life.”

Knowing that her missionary was doing what was right made things easier for Erikson. “I knew he was doing the right thing and he was so excited of course, so that made it a lot easier,” Erikson said.

Many BYU students can relate to the feelings of missing a missionary. The top 10 remedies for missing a missionary are easy to get and most are at the BYU Bookstore.

One, chocolate covered cinnamon bears. BYU’s famous treats will distract you from missing your missionary with their sweet and hot taste.

Two, mission pins. The Bookstore has a variety of pins you can send to your missionary to wear or wear yourself.

Three, bumper stickers. Place a bumper sticker on your car representing the country where your missionary is serving.

Four, a flag. Decorate your office or room with a flag from the country your missionary is serving in. Everytime you see the flag you will be able to remember the service your missionary is giving to the people of the country.

Five, flag pins. Choose from a variety of flag pins. Attach the pin to your backpack and represent your missionary.

Six, “I Love my Missionary” pillow case. Everytime you look down at your pillow you will be able to remember your missionary and you wont go a day without praying for them.

Seven, T-shirt. A t-shirt representing the country where your missionary is serving is a stylish way to remember your them.

Eight, a key chain. Place your keys on a key chain that shows off the country your missionary is serving in.

Nine, stationary. Keep up with writing your missionary by using a crafty stationary set.

Ten, a book. Reading a book is great way to get distracted when you miss your missionary.

Each of these items can help you redirect your feelings of missing a missionary in a way that honors them for serving a mission.

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