DailyLDS.com launches the first Groupon type thing for LDS people


DailyLDS.com launched last week the first website in the world that offers exclusive deals to LDS members.

DailyLDS.com is comparable to Groupon, but it is truly unique to LDS people.  Every day, for a 24-hour period, one LDS product or service is featured for purchase at a discounted price — up to 90 percent. Members receive DailyLDS deals notifications via Facebook, email and Twitter.

Users of the site are encouraged to purchase the item or service quickly once it is posted online, because the more people buy that item, the more the discount decreases.

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A deal may feature a discount of 90 percent off a particular item. After 10 people purchase the deal, the discount may decrease to 70 percent.

DailyLDS.com offers a great variety of deals on LDS-related products or services, such as BYU gear, music, movies, books, clothing, emergency preparedness, toys, software, jewelry, scripture and other unique LDS items.

“Early on, we ran a deal for an LDS version of Monopoly. The product, called LDSopoly was a huge success and a very fun product that members were excited about,” said the company’s founder, Dan Camacho.

Other items the company has featured is the “pillow tie” and LDS t-shirts.

Soon the company will offer deals for an item for longer periods of time, and will also offer deals by members’ specific location.

DailyLDS will be reaching an international audience soon, giving members outside of the United States the opportunity to buy LDS products much cheaper.

Camacho said DailyLDS.com has already received positive feedback from its buyers, venders and companies like LDS Living.

At this point, DailyLDS.com has over 50 companies, artists and authors offering daily deals on the website.

“This continues to grow very quickly as we sign up new vendors everyday,”  Camacho said. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive and vendors are very excited for what we have done.”

The biggest challenge the new company faces is exposure to LDS members in and outside Utah.

“Since we are a new company, we face the challenge of letting people know we even exist,” Camacho said. “We do run advertising on a few select channels, but feel that the best way to help others know about DailyLDS is by referral.”

Camacho said besides letting their families and friends know about the website, members help spread the word by letting their wards and stake members know about DailyLDS.com.

“Most people are pleasantly surprised that something like this exists, and are very excited to join to find out what deals they can get on LDS items they would likely buy anyway, ” Camacho said.

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