BYU grads make first of its kind iPhone app


They were told it couldn’t be done, but that didn’t stop four BYU graduates from creating the first iPhone app to record HD video at 60 frames per second.

Jon Lund, Spencer Smith, Kevin Heap and Joe Wilson are the four BYU graduates behind this new, innovative app called SloPro. A typical iPhone shoots video at 30 frames per second and plays 30 frames per second. The SloPro app now captures video at 60 frames per second, but still plays 30 frames per second. By doubling the amount of frames per second, the video plays back in slow motion without becoming choppy.

Jon Lund said they were proud of how this app is ahead of its time.

“We’re the first to offer 60FPS videography on the iPhone,” Lund said in an email. “This is a huge milestone for all mobile devices, not just the iPhone. In a few years, all devices will offer this capability. We’re just excited to be the ones to push the market forward.”

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SloPro enables iOS devices to capture video at twice the normal frame rate so they can be played back in slow motion without becoming choppy
The idea for the app was inspired by the great outdoors. The four graduates enjoy skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor sports and they use GoPro cameras to record their adventures at 60 frames per second. The GoPro camera made them wonder if they could capture 60 frames per second on an iPhone.

After five months of development, the app was launched on April 26 and had 140,174 users in the first eight days. Joe Wilson said the app is only going to get better.

“We’ve got some great new features coming up that will make it more valuable,” Wilson said.

 SloPro is available on the App Store for free with an optional $1.99 upgrade for more advanced features.

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