GRAD-BYU doesn’t have a Spring Break


The sun begins to shine, the birds are chirping, people are lounging outside, it would seem time for a Spring Break, but for BYU this is not the case.

In a past article, BYU spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said BYU does not have a spring break for two reasons.

“One is because of our tight schedule,” Jenkins said. “We have the two terms in the summer, and we also have Education Week.”

Jenkins also said it gives students a jump start into summer jobs and internships. One of BYU’s students getting ahead in the game is Matthew Mower.

Mower, 21, from South Jordan, can see the positive in not having a spring break, as he is doing sales for a job this summer.

“It’s nice because you get to get out earlier and sell earlier,” Mower said.

Kylaas Flanagan, from Phoenix, studing public health, has a love-hate relationship with BYU’s policy.

“Truth is I’m tired two months into a 17-credit hour semester,” Flanagan said. “A break would be not only beneficial to my grades, but more importantly my overall health. But as a potential employee, I love it. Being able to report to a spring job a week earlier is a major advantage over other applicants.”

Thomas Wayment, a religion professor, finds the idea of a spring break appealing.

“I would love one,” Wayment said. “I think it would be great for a professor. It would be nice to coordinate it with the local communities so families have that time off, but I also understand the university’s needs. As professors we don’t really have any real say in it.”

Adam Lutz, a UVU student from Springville, likes his spring break but it does present some problems.

“I am actually having a hard time with spring break,” Lutz said. “On the one hand it is great to get an entire week off of school, however unless you spend that time studying, it is going to come back to bite you.”

Lutz said he wishes BYU could have a spring break so he could have more fun times with his friends.

“I understand why BYU doesn’t have a spring break but I think that it does create some segregation between the two schools,” Lutz said. “Having friends that go to BYU, I can’t plan trips for spring break without excluding some of my BYU friends.”

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