Police Beat: Suspects located in campuswide egg barrage



March 29 – A student from Wyview Park reported a stolen Wii-Wheel for Mario Kart. According to the student, the wheel was attached to his TV in his living room. He noticed the wheel’s absence three or four days before he reported it.

March 31 – A woman’s phone was stolen from the Richards Building. She received a Facebook notification informing her that her phone number had been used for a different account. She has canceled her phone and is bringing her phone records to the police department for investigation.

Disorderly Conduct

March 29 – A student was reported riding a skateboard repeatedly around Helaman Halls. When police investigated the situation, they found the individual had been warned four times about not riding his skateboard on campus. He was then cited for skateboarding.

March 31 – A water balloon was thrown from the overpass on East Campus Drive. The balloon hit a man’s windshield. He said the throwers were three males wearing dark clothing. After throwing the balloon, they ran toward Heritage Halls. No damage was reported.


March 30 – A student’s petition to withdraw from a class was denied. The student then made veiled threats toward a staff member, creating concern. When the incident was reported, police contacted the student. They determined the comments were made due to stress and the student was not dangerous.

Criminal Mischief

March 27 – A number of egg attacks were reported on campus between 6 and 7 a.m. A woman walking was struck in the leg with an egg. A group of military cadets also reported being egged. Legends Grille had eggs thrown at its exterior. The individuals who threw the eggs were reported to be driving a silver vehicle. The drivers were located and charges are currently pending.

Suspicious Behavior

March 27 – A male in his 40s was reported looking over a female student’s shoulder. Police were unable to locate the man.

March 27 – A male was reported taking picture of females from a low angle. When approached by officers, he said he was taking video for a film class and offered to show them the footage. Officers viewed the footage and did not find any offensive material. They also verified his enrollment in the film class.

March 29 – A man in a wheelchair was reported handing out fliers on 800 North. Since he was on public property, no action was taken.


March 28 – Two individuals were arrested for trespassing in LaVell Edwards Stadium. They had been located by thermal imaging cameras. The individuals admitted to seeing the No Trespassing sign, but said they decided to climb over the wall anyway.

Warrant Service

March 29 – A suspicious vehicle was reported in the parking lot near Marriott Center with a blown-out tire. Police determined the owner of the vehicle and found he had three warrants for his arrest. The police surveyed the vehicle and waited for the owner to return. Upon his return, the owner of the vehicle was arrested for narcotics, failure of proof of insurance and failure to appear in court. The individual is not affiliated with the university.


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